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RTO Auditing

At Hawkeye Consultancy, you may consider us an odd bunch — because we love everything to do with RTO auditing and compliance. We can help you ensure you’re always compliant and ready to pass audits that crop up unexpectedly, help you prepare for audits you know are coming up, and even coach you through an audit in process.

We offer a huge range of audit services, to help keep you compliant and audit-ready across:

A proactive approach to compliance and audits

At Hawkeye Consultancy, we believe in the importance of a proactive approach to compliance and regulation. Our RTO audit services are designed to keep you prepared, informed, and able to confidently walk into an audit.

Audits are less stressful when you know you’re compliant

Solutions-focused RTO compliance audits and consulting

We take a problem-solving approach to RTO compliance — we won’t just tell you what’s wrong, but we’ll also tell you how to fix it.

We aim to pass on our knowledge

Our audit services are designed to offer more than just compliance — we aim to provide an educational experience for you and your team. We’re not just friendly auditors, we’re educators dedicated to helping your team understand and navigate the complex world of compliance audits. We can expose your team to the audit process, in a supportive environment.

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More about our audit services

Internal performance assessment (audit)

Our internal performance assessment service is based on the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) student-centred audit approach. Our team will guide your organisation through a structured audit process, closely examining your practices and behaviours in relation to the five key phases of the student experience. A comprehensive audit report will be provided within five business days following the assessment, So you have time to review and understand our findings (and implement any actions needed as a result) before your next real audit.

Performance assessment (audit) support and training

Our support and training services give your team the knowledge and skills to complete the audit process effectively. We provide comprehensive pre-audit checklists and guidance on collecting the necessary information, along with training in the process of performance assessments. Our friendly auditors ensure a safe space for training and aim to give you the skills to manage audits independently and confidently in the future.

Government funded audits

We understand the importance of maintaining compliance with government-funded programs. Our services are designed to keep your RTO aligned with state-specific requirements, Government requirements, and any requirements you need to tick off for your funded contracts.

Audit preparation

We can help you prepare for audits against the standards for RTOs 2015 or the CRICOS framework. Whether an audit is triggered by monitoring activities or a scope application, we are ready to assist.

Our audit preparation services are designed to alleviate stress, prevent drama, and save you the hassle or stress of navigating audits alone. We provide comprehensive audit preparation guidance, focusing on data gathering, time management, and understanding what the auditors will want to see in a student's file and your other documentation.

Registration audits

For organisations seeking initial VET or CRICOS registration, our team can offer invaluable support and guidance. We understand the pressures and demands of these audits and can provide coaching, support, and assistance to help make sure your team is fully prepared for the process.

Rectifications following audit

In the event of non-compliance findings, we provide expert rectification services. We will help you devise a practical and effective action plan to correct any issues and avoid damage to your RTO’s operations and reputation. We work tirelessly and do all we can to ensure your organisation can maintain compliance and continue operations.

We’re here to help

We recognise that every audit is unique and some may require more than a standard approach. Whether it’s staying up late to ensure files are reviewed, guiding your team in what a fully compliant student file should look like, or supporting you in meeting strict deadlines, our team goes above and beyond to ensure we do everything we can to help you meet your audit requirements.

Our promise to you

While we can’t guarantee 100% compliance for audits (that depends on your programs and processes), our excellent track record of guiding clients towards successful audit outcomes speaks for itself.

We’re not just consultants, we’re partners in your success. Our aim is always to do our very best at helping you to operate compliantly and pass your audit, maintaining or gaining your registration.

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With our guidance, you can confidently face the audit process, knowing you are prepared, compliant, and ready for success. Get in touch with us today to book your audit services. Proactivity is always best.

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