Our Team

Founded by sisters passionate about VET

The story of Hawkeye Consultancy begins with our founders: twin sisters Alicia and Katya Holker, who are obsessed with finding innovative and fun ways to educate and empower like-minded professionals within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) community.

Our team’s reputation

Since its inception in 2017, our growing team at Hawkeye Consultancy has gained a reputation for a fresh approach to compliance offering nationwide services to compliant conscious professionals and education providers. Our passion and commitment to helping our clients continue their success stories is manifested by our ability to break down government legislation and requirements into ‘bite-sized’, easy-to-digest information.

Choosing a name was extremely important to us. It needed to be sharp; appropriate but also meaningful to who we are and how far we’ve come. So why Hawkeye you ask? Well, it’s a salute to past colleagues who nicknamed us Hawkeye Holkers; for our hawkeye-esque execution and attention to detail. Without their guidance, beliefs and efforts, we would not have developed into the professionals we are today; for this, we thank them.

Over 85+ years combined experience

With over eight dedicated specialist consultants and over 85 years of combined experience in our field, our expertise, and obvious passion for all things compliance shines through in the work we do. With multiple experience points across our staff in everything related to VET, RTOs, compliance and problem-solving, we provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to those that we work with, using this to make compliance easy.

It’s also clear to all we work with that we take a fresh approach to compliance in many ways, as we continue to achieve what many think is impossible: to make compliance fun.

A supportive team and workplace

Workplace culture is equally as important to us as education. We have a dedicated development team and are passionate about creating an inclusive and happy workplace. Our team’s fresh yet professional approach is evident in their happiness, dedication and passion to providing our clients with only the highest of quality services.

Alicia Holker​

Managing Partner

Anyone with experience in the VET sector knows that compliance can be challenging. That is, unless you love it. That’s when it becomes a natural progression to assist RTOs to address their compliance challenges with ease.

Alicia Holker co-founded Hawkeye Consultancy to leverage her industry expertise to assist RTOs with compliance. With over 10 years of experience in a range of senior roles in the VET sector, she has a practical, solution-focused approach and is known for her extraordinary commitment to Hawkeye’s clients.

Having participated in numerous VET Investment and User Choice program audits over the past six years, Alicia has gained unparalleled experience in the area of Skills Assure Suppliers (SAS). It’s this extensive hands-on audit experience and continual improvement focus that underpins the Hawkeye team’s fresh approach to compliance.

Alicia holds several industry-relevant qualifications including a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Diploma of Project Management and a Diploma of Business.

With a passion for her industry, she believes that ‘education is the stepping stone to success’. Alicia employs this philosophy both in the development of her own skills and in empowering and educating her clients to achieve more.

Katya Holker

Managing Partner

Many RTOs find compliance issues challenging, complex and stressful to deal with. That’s why it’s rare to find someone who not only finds compliance fun but also makes it her mission to help others enjoy compliance and audit processes.


With over 9 years of experience in the VET sector, Katya Holker co-founded Hawkeye Consultancy to support RTOs by making it easy to navigate compliance issues. 


Katya also brings to Hawkeye the insights gained from her time as an international student whilst employed by two well-established Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) providers. Using this experience, she provides expert guidance and advice to Hawkeye’s clients on the National Code 2018 and Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act. 


As a trainer and assessor dedicated to sharing knowledge, Katya has a strong belief in the power of education. As a testament to this, she holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Quality Auditing and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. When she’s not supporting clients to make audits and compliance effortless and fun, Katya can be found studying for her Master of Education (Adult).

Milka Thorun

SMS & LMS Consultant

Milka is a Trainer and Assessor, Admin All-rounder, and Hospitality Manager with 17 years of experience working in the Hospitality industry and 6 years in the VET sector. Milka specialises in administrative technology and is responsible for educating other employees on using progressive systems and applications such as aXcelerate and Cloud Assess. Milka is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. 

Louise Creaven


Louise is currently studying for her Diploma in Leadership and Management to expand her 6 years of industry experience in the VET sector. 

Louise possesses a sound understanding of RTO operations, having worked in various RTO roles starting from Administrator and working her way up to Compliance Manager. 

Louise strives to support and improve her knowledge and provide administratively and account management support with Hawkeye. 

Louise believes that challenges make life interesting, but overcoming those challenges makes life meaningful.

Pia Pynnonen


Pia has worked in the vet sector for over ten years, starting her career as a trainer assessor for the early childhood sector. Through this role, she found she had a keen eye for compliance and the ability to find errors and work on developing strategies to rectify them. Her keen eye progressed her career toward compliance and content development. 

Having experience working in various sized RTOS, Pia has developed an expert understanding of all aspects of audit preparation and rectifications. Working in both Victoria and Queensland, Pia is familiar with the state funding nuances, asqa requirements, assessment development, and validations.

Pia utilises her experience to support our clients with all assessment development aspects that satisfy regulatory requirements.

Susan Swan

Client Support

Susan is the administrative assistant for Hawkeye Consultancy. She has come from the beauty industry, which she was part of for 15 years, but is now enjoying using the management skills she has learnt over the years to contribute to her new role. 

She graduated in 2008 with her CIDESCO diploma, allowing her to work all over the world in the beauty industry. She has worked in salons & spas and continued her studies alongside work to upskill and train in different areas. 

She loves helping people, and within her new role, she is assisting trainers, students, and organisations which gives her great job satisfaction.

Amy Conrad

Junior Consultant

Amy has been a Trainer & Assessor since 2018 and holds a dual Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management (of Learning). Amy’s professional journey in learning and teaching began as an Educational Leader in the ECEC industry, where she discovered her love for helping other Educators to feel confident in their skills and abilities. In this role, she uncovered her passion for empowering fellow Educators, instilling in them the confidence to excel in their roles. Amy’s unique strength lies in her ability to demystify and apply legislation, regulatory compliance, and frameworks, making them accessible and comprehensible to others.

Marc Frame


A Scotsman in Australia who loves traveling, listening to his favourite bands and reading mystery books, Marc has joined the team as a trainer and assessor. With 17 years of hospitality experience in pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and bottle shops, he has in-depth knowledge of RSA, RMLV and customer service.

Sunshine Sacdalan

Administration Assistant

Meet Sunshine, a Creative Virtual Assistant and all-rounder admin assistant who effortlessly wears multiple hats with grace. As a mother of two, family is at the core of Sunshine’s world, and she seamlessly blends her roles as a dedicated parent and a professional.

Beginning her journey as a graphic designer in a B2B company, Sunshine has evolved into a social media manager, contributing to the company’s online success. Her creativity and strategic acumen shine through in shaping the brand’s digital presence.

Beyond the digital realm, Sunshine finds joy in crafting delicious meals for her family, transforming the kitchen into a canvas for her culinary creations. Her love for playing with her kids and creating lasting family memories underscores her commitment to the precious moments of motherhood.

Sunshine is inspired by the global connections her work brings, amazed at collaborating with diverse individuals worldwide. With a heart full of warmth, she aspires to give sunshine to those around her, embodying positivity and radiance in her interactions.

In her pursuit of dreams and career, Sunshine remains dedicated to her paramount role as a mom, illustrating that one can achieve professional success while cherishing the joys of motherhood.

Eliza McClure

Learning Design and Development

Having entered the VET sector as an administrator and rapidly advancing to the role of a compliance manager, Eliza’s diverse experience spans multiple levels of the VET industry. With a strong passion for learning design, assessment tool development, and validation, Eliza is a professional who embodies a comprehensive skill set.

Currently pursuing her Bachelor of Training and Development, Eliza’s qualification journey was facilitated by her extensive engagement in the VET sector. Eliza’s journey has not only fortified her skills but also honed her expertise in assessment tool development, validation, and learning design.

Glenda Fieldes

Quality Assurance Consultant

Glenda began her career in the nursing field. Following starting her family, she quickly transitioned to quality management and the accreditation of Defence Medical facilities to meet the relevant ISO standards. 

She has provided consultancy services for small businesses and RTO’s for over 25 years and has successfully registered three RTO’s and reregistered RTO’s, participating in over nine ASQA audits. Glenda has held varied managerial roles, collaboratively consulting, developing, registering, and rolling out the national Defence Injury Prevention Program with the Defence Health Sector. 

Glenda holds Advanced Diplomas in Business and Leadership diplomas, a dual Diploma in TAE, an Auditing Diploma, and a Graduate Qualification in Leadership (education and training). 

Glenda’s passion is all things VET professional development

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