Product Reviews

From processes to policies, every aspect of an RTO’s operation must stand up to scrutiny. Our RTO product reviews provide a comprehensive review of your materials, operations, and systems, so that you can ensure they meet all of the necessary standards.

Refine and enhance your RTO offering

Get in-depth insights and feedback on the effectiveness and quality of your training resources.

Our product review services for RTOs help you to refine and enhance your offering while ensuring that everything is up to date with the regulatory standards.

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More about our RTO product review services

Our RTO product review services strive to ensure that every aspect of your RTO measures up. Each product review service we provide will give you a detailed report outlining any areas of non-compliance that we find, along with rectification suggestions and justifications.

Policies and procedures

Your RTO’s policies and procedures form the backbone of your compliance strategy. We evaluate these critical documents to make sure they're up-to-date, comprehensive, and fully compliant with all legislative requirements.

Product reviews of funded contracts

We review the contracts you have for funded courses, and your offering, procedures and documentation, to ensure that your funded contracts tick the boxes they need to tick. This sets you up for the continuation of your funded contracts into the future.

Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS)

We evaluate your Training and Assessment Strategies to confirm they're well-structured, complete, and compliant. A high-quality TAS is vital for successful training outcomes.


Templates play an important role in your document structure. So it’s important to make sure that they’re on-point. Our team reviews your templates to confirm they're designed in accordance with regulatory requirements, and easy to understand, promoting uniformity and ease of use.

Marketing and advertising

Our team checks your marketing and advertising materials to ensure they provide accurate information that is in line with legislative regulations. This protects the integrity and reputation of your RTO.

Partnering arrangements

Partnering arrangements can come with a lot of complexity. We review these arrangements to ensure that they meet all compliance obligations and promote healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Supporting documents (business registration, insurances, etc)

Supporting documents, like business registration and insurance, are crucial for compliance. We examine these to ensure they meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

Position descriptions

Your team is your greatest asset. Our reviews of position descriptions ensure they align with industry standards and clearly articulate role responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required.

Trainer matrixes and profiles

We scrutinise your trainer matrixes and profiles to ensure they accurately represent the qualifications and competencies of your trainers, building trust and transparency with your learners.

Professional development plans

Professional development plans play a crucial role in maintaining your team's skills and knowledge. We review these plans to confirm they align with compliance requirements and promote ongoing professional growth.

Transitions management

Smooth transitions are important, to maintain quality and continuity in your RTO. We review your transition plans and strategies to confirm they meet all regulatory requirements and are geared for your success.

Continuous improvements grow RTOs

Our goal is to assist your RTO in maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance, and we believe that each review process is a strategic opportunity for improvement.

Get in touch with us today about our product review services, and ensure that your RTO offering and materials are the best that they can be.