RTO Consultants who make compliance easy

Expert RTO consulting services that take the stress and confusion away from meeting Australian legislation and quality requirements.

RTO Consultants

Experts in Registered Training Organisation compliance.

RTO Acquisitions & Due Diligence

Advice and assistance from experienced RTO Consultants when purchasing an RTO.

Professional development workshop

Struggling to meet your relevant professional development in VET? We offer a range of PD workshops that help develop your staff and coach them to deliver the skills and knowledge to remain current within the world of VET.

Ongoing Support Packages

Free up your time, create efficiencies and save money with a package tailored to support your RTO with ongoing registration requirements. 

RTO Audits

Know you’re compliant, prepared and ready for audits with assistance preparing an action plan, audit coaching or support on the day. 

Change of ownership

We help you understand and meet your obligations when you transfer, or take on, an existing RTO.

Register your RTO the stress-free way with step-by-step help with the rigorous ASQA application process.

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About Hawkeye Consultancy

Hawkeye Consultancy was founded by our leading duo twin sisters Alicia Holker and Katya Holker. They wanted to offer an RTO compliance consultancy service that didn’t just identify the problems, but also broke down the steps to fixing those problems, in simple, easy-to-understand actions that fit in with the RTO’s existing programs and processes. They also wanted to breathe new life into the RTOs they helped.

This vision was achieved, and more than five years later, Hawkeye Consultancy has assisted more than 152 RTOs to make compliance easy.

Team of RTO Consultants from Hawkeye smiling at the camera with arms crossed

A fun and fresh yet professional approach to RTO compliance

Our RTO consultants are friendly and approachable. We give you real, actionable answers on how to practically fix your training programs to ensure easy compliance.

Our team actually LOVE everything 'RTO compliance' and find it fun. This translates to us providing an excellent service, taking the hard work and stress away from you. Our fresh, flexible approach works with you and your existing training programs.

Why choose us?

A young team with a fresh approach

What sets us apart most is that we make compliance fun (we swear this is actually a thing!). We're professional, yet take a fresh approach to ensure we do everything in the best, most efficient, easy-to-understand way.

We also have experience

Don't let our fresh, energetic and passionate team fool you: we've got over 85 years combined experience under our belt. Our consultants are experts with deep experience in Registered Training Organisations, audits, quality control and Australian legislation requirements for RTOs.

We're agile and flexible

Our team is young yet experienced and qualified, and this translates into agility and flexibility. We're able to harness new technologies and new methods to make compliance work easily for you and improve your training programs.

We're focused on making it easy for you

Our whole approach is based around making it easy for RTOs to understand and meet with compliance and quality standards. We make the process stress-free.

We equip you with the knowledge you need ongoing

Hawkeye Consultancy are known for 'educating the educators'. We equip you with the skills and knowledge you need for your ongoing compliance.

Solutions-focused compliance

We're unique in that we don't just tell you what's wrong. We show you how to fix it, in a user-friendly, operational way. The need for this approach is actually why we exist.

Our ongoing support: How it works

Step 1

Get in contact

Get in touch with our experts and we will book in a consultation to meet with you and discuss where you are at with your compliance, and how we can help.

Step 2


We’ll conduct an audit, to figure out where you need to improve, in order to meet your compliance requirements. 

Step 3

Action plan & compliance schedule

We’ll show you how to make any required changes practically, in easy-to-understand, easy-to-action steps that apply to your current courses & processes.

Step 4

Education & ongoing support

For your ongoing compliance, we offer ongoing support that’s tailored to you. We can also help with education and professional development for your internal teams.

Recent success stories

Check out our recent success stories and see what you can expect working with Hawkeye Consultancy.

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Helping RTOs across Australia

Based on the Gold Coast, our team of experts can assist RTOs Australia-wide. 

We specialise in assisting funded RTOs with their contractual obligations in QLD, SA, TAS, NSW AND VIC. 

Let us make your RTO compliance easy

Let our passionate, professional, experienced and fun team guide you to easy RTO compliance with our expert consultancy services. Talk to one of our experts about how we can help.

Or call us on (07) 2113 3870