About Us

Our story

When Hawkeye Consultancy was founded by twin sisters Alicia and Katya Holter, they wanted to offer an RTO compliance support service that took a fresh-thinking approach, while breaking down the requirements into simple, easy to understand actions and steps — identifying not just the problems, but the solutions to them.

It’s all in the name

The name “Hawkeye Consultancy” comes from our founders being constantly referred to as ‘hawk eyes’ by our colleagues in the field. Why? Because we had an eye for the details and were able to pick up what others couldn’t. Not only that, but we have the clear vision and ability to cut through the details and turn them into practical actionable items. So we decided to run with the name when we officially started Hawkeye Consultancy in 2017, following years of experience in the field.

Hawkeye’s vision

When Hawkeye Consultancy was founded by our leading sisters, they, with their RTO backgrounds and first-hand experience in compliance and the audit process, saw a need for a consultancy service that breathed life into the Registered Training Organisations it assisted. They wanted to offer a service that didn’t just identify the problems, but also broke down the steps to fixing those problems, in simple, easy-to-understand actions that fit in with the RTO’s existing programs and processes

This vision was achieved, and more than five years later, Hawkeye Consultancy has assisted more than 120 RTOs to make compliance easier.

Our approach

When working with Hawkeye Consultancy, our hands-on guidance, coaching, and support takes you on an enjoyable, educative journey that builds confidence and empowers you to make informed decisions while comfortably navigating the complexities of being compliant in an ever-evolving VET landscape.

What we help with

About our team

Our founders Alicia and Katya have a wealth of knowledge gained from their varied experiences within the Vocational Education and Training, and Business sectors. Joined by an excellent team of other passionate and experienced professionals, they bring a fresh approach to Vocational Education and Training and compliance, paired with over 85 years of combined industry experience and expertise.